Stratford Redevelopment Agency

Ordinance #12-05 passed July 9, 2012; appointed by Mayor; subsequent appointments shall be for terms of five years, commencing on July 1 of respective year.

Mission Statement

Stratford Redevelopment Agency is committed to the economic vitality and improved infrastructure of the Town of Stratford.

The RDA will help devise and implement a diverse plan that will encourage, assist, and promote industrial, economic and commercial development, enhance property values and encourage job growth for Stratford businesses.

The RDA seeks to create opportunities to attract and sustain development, foster reinvestment in neighborhoods and commercial areas, and promote the rehabilitation, acquisition and re-marketing of delinquent, abandoned or blighted properties.

Agency Members

Desmond Ndzi


Mary Beth Bigley


Jennifer Sheldon


George Perham


Anthony Nizzardo


Agendas & Minutes

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