Point Stratford Renewal: Former Stratford Army Engine Plant Project (550 Main St.)

Army Engine Site - Arial View of Property

Property Information:

  • The U.S. Army conveyed the 77-acre property to Point Stratford Renewal (PSR) on April 2, 2024.

  • PSR hosted a public meeting on Monday, June 24th at the Baldwin Center to review Phase I of the project including: remediation, demolition and abatement, environmental, fill process and site civil. A pdf of the presentation can be found here.

  • Phase I of the project will begin South of Sniffens Lane starting with abatement, demolition of buildings followed by capping. PSR will reach out to the businesses and residents in the Sniffens Lane area prior to the project’s start and at its commencement.

  • The Town has requested that PSR, the developer and owner of the property, create a website with a link for the public to obtain updated information regarding public health, truck traffic routes and details on the remediation, demolition and fill process.

  • A link will be included here and on the Economic & Community Development main page Until the website is complete, please reach out to Peter Cabrera at
    Pcabrera@eagleventuresre.com for questions concerning the first phase of the project.

Army Engine Plant Site History

The property was initially developed in 1927 for Sikorsky Aircraft where aircraft and engines were manufactured from 1929 to 1948. The plant was expanded during World War II to accommodate mass production of the F4U Corsair fighter plane. From 1952 until it closed, the plant was used to produce reciprocating aircraft engines, and turbine engines were all designed, developed and manufactured in this facility for both commercial and military applications.

By 1968, 10,000 people were employed in the plant.

In October 1995, SAEP was placed on the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) list. The site closed in 1998 as part of the BRAC.

Point Stratford Renewal (PSR) was chosen as the preferred developer by the Army in 2013. PSR will be entering into an Environmental Service Cooperative Agreement (ESCA) which will allow them to manage the remediation of the mudflats simultaneously with the upland property, in order to speed up the timeframe of the project. To help expedite the undertaking, Town departments are working to guarantee timely and efficient processes while coordinating with PSR.