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Roosevelt Forest

The Mission of the Parks Department is to provide clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing areas, where the public can enjoy outdoor activities. Our goal is to improve the appearance and the functionality of our park facilities, fields, playgrounds and beaches. Achieving this will allow the public to promote their athletic interests safely and to provide pristine open spaces for their appreciation. The Parks Department consists of 29 positions reporting to the Superintendent of Parks.

The Department has responsibility for maintaining all town trees, on streets, in Parks and within town property and is responsible for the removal of dead trees and the planting of replacement trees. A holistic approach to our Urban Forest will be undertaken where an integrated a tree planting plan will consider hardscapes, planting constraints, future maintenance requirements, neighborhood environs, as well as species. The plan will be implemented based on available funding.

The Division maintains litter pick up, garbage removal, mowing, ball field marking and grooming (Stratford and Bunnell High School) football, baseball, softball, and soccer,as well as recreational teams. (see attached list of locations)

  • All school and public building grounds

  • 400 acres of active recreational areas

  • 800 acres of passive recreational areas

  • 280 acres of grass areas (in passive and active areas)

  • 26 tot lots and playgrounds

  • 58 baseball, softball, football and soccer fields

  • Beach cleaning at Short and Long Beach

The Department is also responsible for pick up and chipping of all Christmas Trees townwide and assists Highway Division in the removal of snow from town roads and school parking lots and sidewalks. Mosquito control at Town wetlands also falls within the park division.

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Contact Information

Parks Department
550 Patterson Ave.,
Stratford, CT 06615

Phone:(203) 385-4085