Beach Stickers

Beach Stickers 2023-2025

Beach stickers are mailed in Motor Vehicle Tax Bills every other year on the odd year. Motor Vehicle Tax Bills arrive the end of June. If you do not receive your beach sticker, or you are new to town, please contact the Recreation Department at (203) 385-4052 or Email Recreation Department. Non-residents may also contact the Recreation Department to obtain a non-resident beach sticker.

For those residents with new cars or leased vehicles, a car registration or tax bill and a driver’s license must be shown to obtain the stickers at the Recreation Office at Birdseye Complex.  Resident cars without stickers will be charged the parking fee.

Beach Stickers for non-residents are $250 for the season; $20 per day Monday through Thursday; or, $40 per day Friday through Sunday and holidays, for Long Beach and Short Beach.