Stratford Housing Partnership

Appointments made by the Mayor per Section 5-62 of Town Code, ESTABLISHED 02/22/90 amended 02/10/2020.

[Housing Partnership Ordinance (Amended February 2020)]

The Mayor

Laura Hoydick


Representative of the Zoning Commission - Four (4) Year Term

Harold Watson


Expires 01/01/2026

Representative of Planning Commission for Term of Four Years

Bryan O'Connor


Expires 01/01/2026

Representative of Inland Wetlands & Waterfront Commission

Christopher Blake

Expires 01/31/2024

Representative of Stratford Housing Authority

Elizabeth Sulik


Expires 01/31/2024

Representative of Economic and Community Development Commission

Jennifer Sheldon

Expires 01/31/2024

Member of the Local Business Community

Desmond Ndzi

Expires 01/31/2024

Member of a Public Interest Group

Beth Daponte


Expires 01/31/2024

Local Urban Planning Professional 

Susmitha Attota, Town Planner

Permanent Member

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