QPR Gatekeeper Training

  • Question.

  • Persuade.

  • Refer.

Suicide Prevention

Question. Persuade. Refer (QPR) is an educational program that teaches adults how to recognize a mental health emergency and how to get a person the help they need. It is also an action plan that can result in lives saved. It is a proven evidence-based program.

To request a QPR Gatekeeper Training for your team or group or for more information, please contact Stratford Community Services at 203-385-4095 or email Community Services. To register for our next class on June 26, 2024, please fill out form below.

If you feel like you or a loved one are in crisis, no matter how big or small, call 211, 988, or 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.

You can also use the:
Crisis Textline: 741741 (more info here: crisistextline.org)
Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: 988 (more info here: 988lifeline.org)

QPR Registration

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Join Stratford Community Services to learn about suicide prevention and the Question- Persuade- Refer tools. This two hour course will provide basic information that anyone can use to help prevent suicide. Appropriate for ages 18 and over. Class is hosted at Birdseye Municipal Complex, Room 110, on June 26 from 6-8 PM.

Registration closes June 24 or when the class reaches max capacity.