Long Beach Park

Dogs not allowed on Town beaches April through November.

Long Beach, approximately 1.5 miles in length, is Stratford's coastal barrier beach lying between the waters of Long Island Sound and the Lewis Gut. The beach is easily reached by car (parking permit required from the Saturday before Memorial Day until Labor Day), and is located at the end of Oak Bluff Road in the Lordship section of Stratford.

Long Beach is considered an "unimproved" beach; that is, there are no food concessions or permanent restroom facilities. The eastern end of Long Beach is designated as a public beach area and is used for bathing, sailboarding, and fishing. This area is used by the greatest number of people, especially during the summer months.

The middle sections of Long Beach are maintained as shorebird nesting areas. These areas are considered to be some of the best nesting habitats in the state for piping plovers and least terns.



Oak Bluff Road
Stratford, CT 06615