Stratford Town Council Members 

Members are elected to a two-year term of office.
Mayor Laura R. Hoydick (R)
55 Castle Dr.
Council Chair James Connor (R)
71-B River Bend Rd 06614
First District Christopher Pia (R)
152 Rygate Ter. 06615
Second District
Ronald Tichy (R)
96 Homestead Ave. 06615
Third District Wali Kadeem (D)
196 Larkin Court 06615
Fourth District David L. Harden (D)
608 Bruce Ave. 06615
Fifth District Gregory Cann (D)
234 Klondike St. 06614
Sixth District Ken Poisson (R)
2725 Main St 06615
Seventh District William Perillo (R)
554 Woodlawn Ave 06614
Eighth District James Connor (R)
71-B River Bend Rd 06614
Ninth District William O'Brien (R)
450 Chickadee Ln 06614
Tenth District Laura Dancho (R)
30 Ruby Ln 06614
Council Clerk Margo Paquette
2725 Main St. 06615
Town Attorneys
Town Attorney Christopher Hodgson
Asst. Town Attorney Bruce Jackson 203-385-4004 bjackson
Asst. Town Attorney
Asst. Town Attorney