Stratford Coronavirus (COVID-19) Data

This page displays COVID-19 data that is specific to the Town of Stratford, CT. Please note, data is preliminary and subject to change.  The Stratford Health Department will update this page daily to provide you with the most up-to-date information. 


Updated July 8, 2020



*Note: Cases are considered “unreachable” after 3 unsuccessful attempts to make contact with the individual on 3 different days or if no contact information is provided.  Individuals who are "actively ill" are not hospitalized, but have not expressed improvement in symptoms.  Individuals who are “recovering” have expressed or displayed an improvement in symptom severity, but may still be symptomatic and able to transmit the disease to others.  Individuals who have left the hospital and are now recovering are moved from the "actively hospitalized category to the "recovered or recovering" category. This chart will be updated weekly*








Note: This graph is created using the proportion of (positive results per week tested)/(positive + negative results per week tested).  The percentage is calculated for each week individually, and is not cumulative. The number of residents tested weekly has increased over time as Connecticut strives to test more of the population.  The testing criteria have also changed over time.  For example, in March, those with more severe symptoms were prioritized for testing.  As the number of individuals tested continues to increase, the percent positive is likely to change. 










*Note: small differences may exist between Town of Stratford COVID-19 graphs and the State of Connecticut daily reports of confirmed COVID-19 case numbers.  These differences are simply due to differences in the time of day the case data was analyzed.  New cases are added to the COVID-19 database throughout the day.  While this database is shared between the state health department and local health departments, a small difference in time can lead to a different case count.  For clarity, the time of day the cases were counted will be included on each of Stratford’s graphs.  The Town of Stratford strives to provide the most up-to-date information.*


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