Parks and Recreation Committee

(§ 7-9 of Town Code)
2 Council, 7 Members of the Electorate
Meets fourth Thursday of every month
Council Members
Hon. Wali Kadeem - Chair 
Hon.Marianne Antezzo
John Rich 88 Willow Ave.
William O'Brien 450 Chickadee Ln.
Paul Hoydick 55 Castle Dr.
Walter Stelmack 40 California St.
Robert Jaekle 175 Twin Oaks Terrace
Richard Marcone 275 Luanne Rd.
Matthew Salerno 1700 Broadbridge Ave, unit A-48
Alternate Members
(1) Gary Bauer 60 Fairchild Rd.
(2) Sarah Calzone 55 Perry Ln.

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Phone: (203) 385-4035