EMS Funding Committee

(f/k/a EMS Public Donation committee)— ord. #03-04 effective 6/28/03, term concurrent with Council – meets fourth Wednesday of every month

Council Members
Hon. David Harden (D)
Hon. Bill Perillo (R)
EMS Representatives - (appted upon recommendation of EMS)
Dave Ingmanson 140 Sun Ridge Lane
Thomas Hallas 120 Barton Dr.
Helen McQuilton 132 Reed St.
Scott Burton 60 Grant St., Milford
Christopher Mancini 32 Spring St., Milford
Fire Dept. Representative - (recommendation of IAFF Pres. 998)
Kevin Lantowsky 2 Howard Ave., Shelton
Jeremy Smith 29 Checkpoint Rd., West Haven
Mayor or designee – (non-voting member)
Michael Loiz EMS Director

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Phone: (203) 385-4035
E-mail: councilclerk@townofstratford.com