A Manicurist works on the cuticles or nails of hands. Manicuring is for cosmetic purposes and includes filing, polishing, coating, nipping, shaping, sculpturing, and applying artificial tips and other extensions.


A pedicurist performs work on a person's feet. A pedicurist is any person performing work or maintenance to the nail or cuticle of the feet for cosmetic purposes including trimming, filing, polishing, and painting nails of healthy toes.

A pedicurist may not cut nail beds, corns, and calluses or perform any other medical treatment involving the foot or ankle. Razors and Credo blades are not allowed. A pedicurist should refuse to provide a customer with service if they have an infection, nail fungus, boil, or ulceration on the feet or legs.


All equipment used by your nail technician should be commercial grade. There should be no homemade or home-style equipment used to service you.

All wooden implements such as orange sicks, emery boards, buffing blocks, and most files are single use items and must be discarded after use on one customer. A technician cannot reuse a single use item on more than one customer. If the technician attempts to use an implement on you that appears to have been used on a previous customer, ask for a new implement.

Metal or plastic implements can be reused. However, these implements must appear clean and be disinfected with an approved sanitizer. These implements should be disinfected in a sanitizer such as Barbicide, located on each workstation, for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Pedicure tubs must be cleaned and sanitized with an approved sanitizer before each customer for a minimum of 10 minutes. This includes removal and cleaning of the suction screen.

The nail workstations should be free of filing dust and nail clippings. The workstation and implements must also be cleaned and disinfected with and approved sanitizer after each customer.

Questions to ask yourself

Is the salon licensed? Licenses should be clearly posted and be current. If you do not see a license, ask to see one.

Is the facility neat and clean? Each station should be cleaned with an approved sanitizer after each customer.

Does the technician wash his or her hands and require you to wash your hands? One of the best ways to reduce your chances of getting an infection as a result of a manicure or pedicure is to thoroughly wash your hands before you get service, and for your technician to wash their hands before they work on you. If your technician does not wash their hands, ask them to before allowing them to begin.

Do you own your own manicure and/or pedicure set? Individual manicure and pedicure sets can be purchased at local public beauty supply stores for a small fee. You can keep your set at home, or your nail salon can label your set with your name or a designated number and store them within the facility!

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