Animal Adoption

• Potential adopters must fill out an application and be approved
• All household members must come in at one time to meet the animal. We will not show an animal until all members are present.
• You must provide us with up-to-date veterinarian records for your current pet. 
• If you have a dog and want to adopt a dog you must bring your current dog in for a meet & greet.
• Potential adopters must show proof of home ownership such as a tax bill or mortgage statement. Utility bills do not count as proof of homeownership. Renters must show a lease or a notarized letter from their landlord stating they are allowed to own a pet.
• Animals are not held while you are gathering the requirements to have your application approved. Animals will be adopted to the first approved applicant that is the right match for an animal.

Kittens: We will accept completed applications for kittens and keep them numbered by order of acceptance on file. We will contact you when kittens become available for adoption.

Adoption Application 

All animals impounded at the shelter must be advertised in a local paper and held for a full seven days to ensure that the proper owner has an opportunity to claim their missing animal. After the 7 day holding period applications will be accepted for the animal and the animal will be adopted to the best qualified candidate which fits the needs of the animal.

All animals are spayed & neutered prior to going home unless veterinarian recommendation prohibits us from doing so.

Adoption Fees

Unaltered(Not Spayed or Neutered) Animals


This entitles the adopter to a microchip, discount voucher towards the spay or neuter and two free vaccinations at a participating veterinarian under the State of Connecticut's Animal Population Control Program. The animal will be dropped off at a veterinarian prior to adoption. Standard health testing will be performed in addition to the alter & vaccines. The new owner will be responsible for the balance at the veterinarian which ranges on average from $100.00-$200.00 depending on the animal.

Altered (Spayed/Neutered) Animals


These animals have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for disease and microchipped which has been paid for by donation. Additional donations are appreciated.

Animals Available for Adoption

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