Stratford Beautification Committee

Established 8/10/98
Meets first Tuesday of every Month 

Council Members

Hon. Tina M. Manus(D)

Electorate Members

Donna Forte 135 Barton Dr. 
Jenn Reiley Young 88 Wood Ave.
Christine Griffin 62 Laurel St.
Rita Scacchia 225 Cutrpring Rd. 
Gail Liscio 756 Chickadee Lane
Patricia Ritchie 81 Green Valley Rd.
Ann Fariss 76 West Hillside Ave.
Florence Kokoruda 118 Jefferson St.
Donna Caserta 80 Bear Paw Rd.
Barbara Julian 35 Third Avenue
Indiana Harden 31 Bowe Ave.
Alternate Members   
Maria Ferrera 4205 Main St. 
Silvia Martin 526 Woodend Rd.
Adam Brill 210 Anson St.
Janice Cupee 1460 Elm St., #231

Ad Hoc Members

Maurice McCarthy Director of Public Works
Open Town Planner
Laura Hoydick Exec. Dir. Bridgeport Regional Business Council
Mary Dean-Grom Dir. Economic Development

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Contact Information

Town Council
Council Clerk

Phone: (203) 385-4035