Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

Over The Top Winner

126 Brinsmayd Avenue

295 Wigwam Lane

2048 Elm Street

1st Place Winner (Tie)

56 Ivy Street

946 South Avenue

2nd Place Winner (Tie)

50 Ruby Lane

170 Old Town Drive

3rd Place Winner (Tie)


Holiday Decorating Contest Nominated Properties

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126 Brinsmayd Street
Looks like the Griswolds have some competition!

23 Canary Street
I'll have a Blue Christmas!

101 Clifflawn Road
Picture does not show best features.

404 Curtis Avenue
Cheerful and Bright, enjoy Santa Clause handing out gifts from the front porch

86 Edison St

2048 Elm St
Simple elegance

60 Fairchild

76 General St
Over 2000 lights candy cane theme! More than able to be pictured. Come drive by this holiday season!

41 Hawkins St

56 Ivy Street

74 London Terrace

966 Longbrook Avenue
Beautiful gingerbread-style home

91 Lynncrest Dr

47 Matthew Drive

30 Mohawk St
Lights change and blink. Very bright and festive.

94 Oakland St
No Photo Submitted

185 Oakland St

170 Old Town Dr

249 Ridge Road

304 Rockland Ave

30 Ross Drive

50 Ruby Lane
Amazing !!!!! You can tell so much work went into this display and it’s heart warming to see.

137 Ryegate Terrace

946 South Avenue
The nautical theme adds a little warmth to the chilly season. Need to get up close to fully enjoy all the detail of the starfish garland, ships wheel on porch and Santa riding a whale.

985 Stratford Road

306 Third Avenue

25 Valley View Road
Singing Christmas tree, musical lights, huge inflatables, so much to see.

295 Wigwam Lane

295 Wigwam Lane
  • Amazing !!!!! You can tell so much work went into this display and it’s heart warming to see.
  • I can drive around the block in circles just to keep looking at this magic.
  • Amazing.
  • They did such a great job decorating this little farm. So festive.
  • Russell, Pam and Bill do a beautiful job decorating the farm!

530 Wigwam Lane

781 Wigwam Lane